Monorail Cranes

Where your materials handling requirements are on a single plane and you do not require the enhanced coverage of a MET-TRACK® workstation crane, MET-TRACK® workstation Monorails provide a light weight and economical alternative.

The same precision, long wearing steel wheels we use in our workstation cranes are used in our monorails, providing both low resistance and longevity from your monorail.

Utilising the same pre-engineered modular design of our Workstation cranes, MET-TRACK® monorails provide class leading capacity and span. Available in Floor Mounted or Ceiling Mounted configurations, MET-TRACK® Monorails can be customised to suit your application.

Ready for Powered Hoisting

MET-TRACK® Workstation Cranes are supplied with a hoist trolley as standard.

JDN MONOCRANE supply an extensive range Chain Hoists to suit your Workstation Crane Systems.

Available in 240V and 400V, JDN Monocrane chain hoists feature extremely low headroom, fast hoisting speeds and overload protection as standard.


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