Hyperspeed is a cost saving solution which increases hoisting speeds therefore providing increased capacity.


i-Glide significantly minimises potentionally dangerous hook sway and increases the brake life of the hoist.


Planet is a cost saving and environmentally friendly technology, which significantly decreases power costs of the hoist and reduces green emissions.


Sentinel is a new, cost effective technology, which monitors duty, service and operation of your hoist offering peace of mind.

Hoists & Other Crane Accessories

In addition to our stock standard and custom designed cranes, JDN MONOCRANE also specialise in hoists and other hoisting equipment. Our hoists are the culmination of many years of hoist design and manufacturing experience which means that you’re getting a quality product that has been refined and developed over time.

We offer a choice of standard hoist models that can handle 250kgs through to 200 tonnes depending on the load you are looking to lift. Each hoist is also available in a range of mounting options so if you’re looking for high quality affordable hoists, you can’t go past
JDN MONOCRANE’s selection of hoists.

Hoisting Equipment That Gets The Job Done

At JDN MONOCRANE, you can choose from a range of different hoists including:

Both electric hoists use similar motors, brakes and controls so the main difference between electric chain hoists and wire rope hoists is in the design of the lifting mechanism. We also offer a compatible hoist for each crane so you won’t need to go elsewhere. Our hoists are available in duty ratings from M3 right through to M8 for the most arduous of working conditions.


So if you’re looking for lifting equipment to help you lift beams, steel, machinery, equipment or anything else, JDN MONOCRANE can provide you with reliable cranes and accessories to get the job done. Backed with almost 35 years crane building experience, we know more than just a thing or two about overhead cranes! If you have an enquiry or seeking a quote, call us now on 1300 666 272.


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