Founded in 1979 JDN MONOCRANE was a small components manufacturer. When JDN MONOCRANE first entered the lifting equipment market it purchased hoists and components from overseas and fitted them to girders manufactured locally.

Dissatisfaction with the imported products led JDN MONOCRANE to start modifying them to suit specific customer needs. This substantially improved customer service, the finished product and further developed skill sets within JDN MONOCRANE.

In the 1990’s JDN MONOCRANE developed its own extensive range of hoists, end carriages and associated lifting products. These products have continued to evolve and to exceed customer and industry benchmarks.

JDN MONOCRANE is now a one stop solutions shop that can design, manufacture, install and service the full range of standard and specialised, customer specific lifting solutions.

Professional Service

Our success has been achieved by assembling a talented group of individuals throughout the business. 20% of employees have been with the company for more than 10 years, with a handful in excess of 20 years.

The assembly of talented professionals throughout the business, combined with the latest facilities, equipment and core supplies allows JDN MONOCRANE to conceive, test and implement innovative solutions to unique problems.

Our design, mechanical and electrical research resources include CAD (Computer Aided Design), access to materials testing laboratories and expertise to conceive and program advanced computer driven applications.

About Us

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