Jib Cranes

MET-TRACK® Workstation Jib Cranes provide up to 360° rotation.

Available in capacities from 80kg to 1000kg and up to 5000mm reach, many models can be mounted directly to your factory floor without the need for a separate footing.

Our Workstation Jib Cranes are the perfect handling solution for supporting Chain Hoists, tool balancers, air balancers, vacuum lifters and welding wire feeders amongst a multitude of other applications.

Featuring light weight high strength construction and heavy duty low friction wheels, MET-TRACK® workstation jib cranes offer superior ease of rotation and trolley movement.

Ready for Powered Hoisting

MET-TRACK® Workstation Cranes are supplied with a hoist trolley as standard.

JDN MONOCRANE supply an extensive range Chain Hoists to suit your Workstation Crane Systems.

Available in 240V and 400V, JDN Monocrane chain hoists feature extremely low headroom, fast hoisting speeds and overload protection as standard.


intrack-festoons In Track Festoons to power your electric Chain Hoist or other powered attachment.
tag-line-festoons Tag Line Festoons to provide power where ultra-close end approaches are required.
slip-ringSlip Ring to provide un-interrupted power supply where continuous 360deg rotation is required.
friction-brake Friction Brake to control the rotation of your jib crane.
rotational-stopRotational Stop to prevent over slew when 360deg rotation is not required.

Jib Cranes

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