Chain Hoists

When it comes to heavy lifting, there is no crane part more important than the hoist because without it, you would only have freestanding or wall mounted vertical and horizontal beams, and that’s all! JDN MONOCRANE has designed innovative chain hoists that are functional, durable and flexible. Developed by our highly qualified and talented engineers and refined over the years, so our hoists are unbeatable in terms of quality, efficiency and functionality.

JDN MONOCRANE chain hoists allows you to lift and lower loads easily and effectively so that you meet your production targets and project deadlines. They are also built to last, so you reduce the instances of breakdowns and repair allowing for smooth business operations with very little downtime.

Electric Chain Hoists

We also offer a range of electric chain hoists that allows for easier and smoother lifting, suspending and lowering of heavy loads. Our hoists come in duty ratings from M3 right through to M8 so regardless of what environment your business operates in, you’ll get an electric hoist that is versatile, flexible, easy to maintain and safe to use.

Our electric chain hoists are long lasting and built to withstand extremely heavy loads. This means that when you choose a JDN MONOCRANE, you get more use over a longer period of time because our highly experienced engineers have designed them that way!

In addition to electric chain hoists, JDN MONOCRANE also manufacture and supply foot mounted hoists, single girder hoists, double girder hoists and monorail hoists as well as other crane parts and accessories.

Complete Crane Service

At JDN MONOCRANE, we live and breathe cranes. We provide recommendations, technical information, design, manufacture, service – you name it, we can do it. So if you’re looking for a chain hoist to complete your heavy lifting, we can help. Call us now on 1300 666 272.

Electric Chain Hoists

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