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The KEAH hoist range provides the compact and rugged solution to your travelling hoist requirements up to an impressive 32t in capacity.

Supplied as an integral unit the hoist is simply installed onto either a single fixed beam or single girder crane. Like the AH range there is no need for complicated alignment of motors, gearboxes and rope drum, the heavy duty fully machined frame ensures all critical alignments are factory set.

All units feature JDN MONOCRANE’s standard hoist technology with the option of Hyperspeed across the range for enhanced safety, precision control and productivity.

Factors to consider when selecting your hoist

  • Capacity (tonnes)
  • Height of Lift (m)
  • Hoisting Speed (m/min)
  • Duty

Standard Hoisting

Hyperspeed Hoisting

General application hoist (4/1)

Type of Applications: Fabricators, precast, machine shops, plastics die changing, maintenance

Higher speed application hoist (2/1)

Type of Applications: Steel merchant, distribution centre.

Monorail/Single Girder Hoists

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