Mining Cranes

JDN MONOCRANE fully understands the needs and challenges of the oil, gas and mining industries. That is why our mining cranes are innovatively designed to improve efficiency and reduce downtime, and manufactured to the highest quality standards and safety regulations.

In addition, our qualified engineers ensure that our cranes fully comply with industry and national requirements so not only do you get a mining crane that is heavy duty and high performing – but is built to the highest possible engineering standards.

We create solutions to your mining crane problems

We understand that mining businesses operate in an environment that is hazardous and some describe as dangerous. Whether your business operates an open-cut mine or an underground mine, we appreciate that the safety of your workers is of paramount importance but that productivity is as equally important. By choosing a mining crane from JDN MONOCRANE, you get a crane that fulfills all your needs. Our mining cranes not only adhere to the strictest safety codes, but they are also built for high performance and productivity. Our cranes are not only built for longevity, but we also purposefully design them for greater efficiency so that you can meet the demanding schedules and deadlines of your business.

We’ve got your mining needs covered

JDN MONOCRANE provides complete mining crane solutions, from design, build, installation and service. The cranes we build for the mines are durable, safe and efficient. Let’s face your mining crane challenge together, call us now on 1300 666 272.

Mining Cranes

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