Bridge Cranes

A bridge crane, also known as an overhead crane, is a type of crane that is often used in industrial manufacturing environments. These cranes have elevated parallel beams that are suspended overhead with a hoist travelling along the bridge between the parallel runways. This type of crane is often used to lift metals such as steel, copper and aluminium and other raw materials used for production.

JDN MONOCRANE is a local manufacturer of bridge cranes, developing custom-built cranes for businesses across Australia. Our engineers and technicians are the best in the business, developing cranes that are built to high standards of safety, innovation and workmanship. All of our cranes comply with strict Australian engineering requirements and quality to ensure.

So if you’re after bridge cranes that maximise performance output and minimise downtime, try a crane from JDN MONOCRANE.

Engineering Excellence

JDN MONOCRANE hires the best engineers and technicians to develop top of the line bridge cranes for your business. Using a combination of advanced technology, high levels of skill and considerable experience, we can manufacture a crane that fits in with your particular specifications and functional requirements.

Our bridge cranes are also built for longevity and lasting performance which means your crane will last longer, perform better and will require less maintenance than other cranes.

JDN MONOCRANE offers you complete crane service, from design, manufacture, installation and maintenance and we will consult with you each step of the way. At JDN MONOCRANE, we’re not just crane suppliers, we are your crane partners!

Cranes you can trust

With more than 35 years experience building cranes and assisting businesses get on with their industrial operations, it is little wonder why JDN MONOCRANE is one of Australia’s leading crane suppliers and manufacturers. Find out why more Australian businesses choose
JDN MONOCRANE for their heavy lifting needs.

Bridge Cranes

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